The Nicos Poulantzas Institute (NPI) was founded in 1997 on the initiative of the political party Synaspismos, today SYRIZA – also its main shareholder. It is a political, theoretical and research institute managed by the Assembly of its shareholders and a Board that consists of academics, politicians and activists of the Left.

NPI aims at fostering the values of the Left, systematically developing an awareness of contemporary social, ecological, political and cultural issues and exploring the emerging changes within society. It seeks to contribute to the scientific research, theory and ideology as well as the political programme of the radical and ecological Left and its cadres.


  • Organisation of research programmes, seminars, conferences, lectures, workshops, festivals and other types of events that cover a wide spectrum of issues.

  • Publication and distribution of books, special brochures or audiovisual material focusing on Institute’s activities and other issues of broader theoretical, political or policy importance.

  • Political education and seminars for cadres of the party of SYRIZA, members of the Youth of SYRIZA, MPs, elected in the local government, trade-unionists etc.,


Apart from voluntary contributions of its members, the work of NPI is basically conducted by its staff, either permanent or working on specific projects, that specialises in various fields of political and social sciences, economy, philosophy, history, art etc.

NPI is a founding member of the Transform! Europe Network (